How to Delete Partial Payment?

To delete a partial payment, follow the below steps: 1. Go to the My Bills section of the flat. 2. Click on History Tab.   3. Select the partial payment to delete. 4. Click on the top right 3 dots à Delete Bill.

How to Communicate with Society Management Committee Team?

To communicate with your society management team, follow below 2 quick ways to get an instant response for any query, issue, or suggestion: Use Society Helpdesk to Raise Request, Complaint or Suggestion Open Neighbium application home screen. Click on Raise Complaint from Quick Action. Fill in the Subject and details of your concern. […]

How to add emergency contact for residents?

To add emergency contact in the Society, follow the below steps. Go to Dashboard. Click on Members Directory will open. Select the Emergency Tab. Click on + symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen to add a emergency contact. Add the required details. Click Save. NOTE: You can add following contacts in the […]

How to Delete Member from Society?

To delete members from the Society, follow the below steps. Go to Dashboard. Click on Directory The directory will open. Select the member from the list. On Android, long-press the member name to delete. In iOS and web, click on 3 dots in front of the name to delete the member from society.

How to Accept Group Payment of Multiple Flats?

To support this behavior, it is required to create a ledger which shall be used to accept the payment. We will use this ledger to settle bills in multiple flats. Below are the steps to do that. 1. Open the Application Dashboard. 2. Go to Accounts –> Ledgers Tab –> Click […]

How to Mark Return of Inventory Rented to Resident?

1. Open the Application Dashboard. 2. Click on the left menu and select Inventory. 3. Select the Rent Return option. 4. Now, click on Select Item to Return. 5. A dialog box will appear to select the item rented to residents. 5. Rent return screen will show the details of the rented item. […]