How do I register my Society with Neighbium?

There are 2 ways to setup your society on Neighbium platform.

First method, contact Neighbium at +91-9966 940011 or send an email at Our executive will help you register your society.

Second method, you can do it yourself.

1. Download the Neighbium App from any of the below methods:

                    Google PlayStore:
                    Apple AppStore:
                     Web App:       

2. Create your user account by clicking on ‘Sign up‘ link.

3. Verify your account information with the OTP.

4. After successful user verification, you are prompted with 2 options, one is to Register Society and another is Join Society.

5. Click on Register Society and fill your society information. Click on Save Icon once done.

For onboarding your society members, please send a mail to and our executive will guide you on further steps.

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