How the Gatekeeper will Execute the Patrolling at the Scheduled Time?

  • Click on 3 horizontal lines at the left corner of the gatekeeper dashboard.
  • Click on the patrolling history option.
  • Select the patrolling schedule that needs to be done. The guard can see all the patrolling points located here which has to visit.

  • Click on the scan bar code and scan code and it will automatically save.

  • A screen will pop up with the name distance and write a note also, you can update the 3 photos of each location and click on the Save button once done.


  • Tick mark shows that the guard is at the right location and he can do the same with other locations as well
    once the scheduled patrolling Is complete guard can click on the 3 dots at the right top corner and select mark completed


System auto-detect the violation if the QR code is not scanned on its location.
System Auto-detect in case of time violation to start patrolling other than the scheduled time.

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