How to Download Different Types of Accounting Reports in the System?

1) Click on the Left Menu.
2) Go to Accounts.
3) Select the Tab Reports which is the Third last tab of the panel.
4) Report section is divided into 4 parts:
a) Income Reports
b) Expense Reports
c) General Ledger
d) GST
Below reports are under Income Reports Section:

a) Pending Payment – Report for pending payments from all flats.
b) Defaulters – Get a list of all defaulters who are not paying society charges on time.
c) Invoices Raised – Get the list of invoices generated against all flats during a specific period.
d) Payment received from Flats – Get a list of invoices for which payment is received from society members during specific period.
e) Advances Status – Get status of currently available advances paid by flats.
f) Head-Wise Income – Get income reports between the given date range.
g) Payout Reports – Detail of online payments received using payment gateway. The report contains a payment gateway transaction number and all invoice details for easy correlation with the society bank account statement.

Reports are under Expense Reports Section:
a) Purchases – Get report of all society purchases.
b) Head- Wise Expenses – Get expense report between given data range.

Reports are under General Reports Section:
a) Receipt and Payment – Overview of where you have spent cash and from where you have received the cash.
b) Cash and Bank Flow – View report of all cash and bank transactions.
c) Income andEexpenditure -View summary of all income and expenses.
d) Balance Sheet – View statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital at a particular point in time, detailing the balanceof income and expenditure over the preceding period.
e) All Ledgers – Get combined report of all the ledgers in the given time range.

Reports are under GST Section:
a) Input tax Credit – Generate report of input tax credit received from purchases.
b) Output GST – Get report of GST Payable amount generated from society generated invoices like Maintenance bill.

5) Just click on any of the options and you can download the report.

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