How to Restrict Advance Booking?

Follow the steps to restrict advance booking:

  1. Click on the Left Menu.
  2. Click on Facility Bookings.
  3. Under the Facilities Tab.
  4. Select any Facility.
  5. Click on the Rules button.
  6. Advance Booking days can be changed.
  7. Advance-Booking

  8. “Per-user Limit” defines facility can be used by no.of user at a particular time.
  9. per-user-limit

  10. “Per Flat Limit” defines facility can be booked by maximum no. of flats at a time.
  11. per-flat-limit

  12. “Slot Limit” defined a particular maximum no. of slots that can be booked by a user.
  13. Slot-limit

  14. “Custom Rules” can also be defined by Management.


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