How to send a Join society request to your management committee?

Follow the below steps to send a Join Society request to your management committee.

1. Download the Neighbium App from any of the below methods:

                    Google PlayStore:
                    Apple AppStore:
                     Web App:       

2. Create your user account by clicking on ‘Sign up‘ link.

3. Verify your account information with the OTP.

4. After successful user verification, you are prompted with 2 options, one is to Register Society and another is Join Society.

5. Click on Join Society button.

6. Enter the name of your society and click on Search Icon.

7. Select your society from the list.

8. The system will show all the apartments of your society.

9. Select your apartment from the list and write a message for the management.

10. Click on Send Request to send the Join Society request. Your request is now sent to the management committee. The management committee can approve or reject your request.


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