Closing or Opening an Financial Year

Closing Financial year is mandatory step when financial year is ended. This will ensure Opening Balances of subsequent financial year is initialized properly. This will also ensure no account changes can be done on a closed financial year. Our system automatically sends notification when Financial Year needs to be closed. […]

How to add Society Bank account

You can add society bank accounts in the system. We will also add corresponding bank account ledger which will be used to make accounting entries related to bak account. Here are the steps to add a Society Bank Account Select Accounts from the Main Menu Go to Bank Accounts tab […]

How To Set Leger Opening Balances

You need to set ledger opening balances if you are migrating from another accounting system. This is important step to ensure financial statements generated by the system is accurate. For example balance sheet won’t show correct amount for cash and bank accounts if the corresponding ledger balance is not set […]

How to add vendor in the society?

Vendor can be added by society management only 1. In the App Dashboard, Go to Directory. 2. select the vendor Tab. 3. click on Add icon from the bottom right corner of the screen. 4. Add the vendor details. 5. Click on Save icon once done.

How to assign helpdesk ticket to Vendor?

1. In the App Dashboard, Go to Helpdesk. 2. Select the ticket from the list which needs to be assigned to the Vendor. 3. Open the ticket and in the ‘Assigned To‘ section, select the vendor from the list. 4. Click on Save button from top header. 5. The system […]

How to add comments to the helpdesk ticket?

To add a comment to the helpdesk ticket, follow the below steps: 1. In the App Dashboard, Go to Helpdesk. 2. Select the ticket from the list. 3. Open the ticket. In the ‘Comment’ section, add a comment and click ‘Go’ Icon. 4. Comment is now visible in the ticket history just […]

How to add member in the Society

To add new member to the Society, follow the below steps. Go to Dashboard -> Directory. Click on ‘+’ symbol at the bottom right corner of the screen to add a member. Add the member details like mobile, email and Name. In the Type Field, assign a role to the member: […]