How do I create payment schedule for particular building?

How do I create payment schedule for particular building? Go to App Dashboard Click on the top left menu and select Payment Collection. Select the Tab named ‘Schedules’ and click on ‘+’ icon from the bottom right corner of the screen. Enter the schedule name and the description and click […]

How to assign administrative Access to members?

To assign administrative access, follow the below steps. Go to Dashboard -> Directory. Select the member to assign administrative access. Open the Type field and change the access. You can assign any type of access to the member. If access is given as Admin, he can handle every thing. If access […]

How to approve or rejects payment made by the society members?

Go to Dashboard, open the quick action tab. You can see the Payment Verification Request in the quick action center. Open the Payment. Verify the payment details and based on your verification. select approve or reject option. If you reject the payment, it is mandatory for the management committee to provide […]

General settings in Neighbium

There are multiple kinds of society permissions configured within the Society. To change the Permission, Go to Dashboard -> Edit Society -> Settings. Can View Members: Check this box if you want residents to view other members in the society. Accept society join request: Check this box if you want to allow […]