How to Set Rules and Conditions of Booking Facility or Amenity?

Follow the steps to set the rules and conditions of the booking facility/amenity.

  1. Click on the Left Menu.
  2. Click on Facility Bookings.
  3. Under the Facilities Tab.
  4. Select any Facility.
  5. Click on the Rules button.
  6. Rules-and-Conditions

  7. By enabling the “Only Management can book this Facility” defines that this facility can be booked By only management members.
  8. Only-management-can-book-this-facility

  9. “Defaulters not allowed to book facility” by enabling this button defaulter cannot book this facility.
  10. Defaulters-not-allowed-to-book-facility

  11. Enabling “Allow Multiple Bookings of the same time slot” defines a facility that can be booked by many people at the same time.

Allow Multiple Bookings of the same time slot

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