How to Create Patrolling Schedule?

  • Click on 3 horizontal lines at the left corner of the app dashboard.
  • Click on the society patrolling option.


  • Under the Area Tab, click on the plus icon to create a new patrolling schedule.


  • Enter a Name and Press OK.
  • To assign the time click on Starts At and fix the time.

  • Set the Frequency by choosing the correct option.

  • Enable the  Repeat patrolling in a day if you want to repeat the patrolling and
    • Enter the duration in minutes
    • Enter the number of times it should be repeated
    • press ok once done

  • To create the patrolling points click on Area1 and set the new patrolling point.
  • Once u click on ok a new screen with a map will pop up itself to take the pointer to set the correct place.
  • To add more points you can click on “click here to add entry”

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