Manage targeted advances

In some scenarios you may want to keep advances for a specific purposes, so that it will get adjusted only for the invoice of a specific schedule. For example if a user paid advances only for sinking fund it should not get adjusted to maintenance bill for future invoices. Our system automatically handles that and it is called targeted advances. Payer can choose the target while making an advance payment.

Sometimes user might have selected a specific target but management wants to adjust the payment with some other invoice. Our system allows management to make necessary adjustments in this case.

Here are the steps to change advance targets

  1. Open left main menu and select All Flats/Apartments
  2. Select the flat from the list
  3. Click on dues to view billing details of flat
  4. Click on Available Balance. (Do not click on Add Amount, otherwise it will add advance )
  5. Add the amount to General Advances and reduce the amount from another target
  6. Click Save and adjust the pending bill if any

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