Import Society Data

Society management can Import Flats, Members and Parking data within minutes. Our system will automatically send the invitation to added members with proper instructions to join the society.

Here are the steps to import data:

  1. Open Society Settings from left Main Menu
  2. In Society Settings Click on right top menu and select “Import Society Data”
  3. Download the excel template and fill the members, flats and parking data
  4. All the fields in the template are optional. i.e you can put only Flat and import it or You can add only members and import it.
  5. If two or more members belong to same flat. Just put same flat number against the members
  6. Save the file and upload the data

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  1. Sangeeta khera

    Can the importing of data done by computers to mobile app

  2. admin

    Yes..Open our web application through and select Import society data from left menu. You can uploaded members data from there and it will be visible on your mobile app as well.

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