How to Add or Modify Bank Accounts

Please follow the below steps to add or modify bank accounts.

1) Click on the left menu
2) Go to Accounts
3) Select the Tab Bank Accounts which is at the last of the panel.
4) Click on the Add icon from the bottom right corner of the screen.
5) Please fill the below Mandatory information:
a) Account Holder Name
b) Account Number
c) IFSC Code
d) Bank Name
e) Saving A/c or Current A/c
6) Default account to receive online payments — Enable the box if this account shall be used for receiving online payments.
7) Once u pressed OK a dialog box will appear which will ask you to submit your KYC documents.

By default, we put the RS.10000 limit for online payments against Non-KYC bank accounts. You can remove this limit by submitting a canceled cheque.

Document verification can take up to two days.

Do you want to submit the document now?

Then Press OK else Press NO


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