How to Add the Society Expense for Common Area Paid Electricity Bill

Please follow the below steps to add the society expense for common area paid electricity bill.

Step 1

1. Click on Left Menu
2. Go to Accounts.
3. Select the Tab ACTION

Step 2

1. Select the vendor from the list and click OK
2. If the vendor is NEW, then click to Add New.

Step 3

1. In the next screen, the system will auto-select the Ledger head and description.
2. Modify the description if required by adding month and year in the end.
3. Enter the amount paid for the electricity bill.
4. Click OK

Step 4

1. click on Click here to add payment.
2. Select the Paid-On date and Payment Mode.
3. Click on Ok once done.

Step 5 (optional)

1. Click on Click here to attach the file.
2. Select the file or click the photo from the phone.
3. To Add Payment Details
4. To Add Attachment

NOTE: Click on Save icon to add expense entry.



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