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1. Why I am not getting any notifications?

Please make sure to have a good connectivity to the internet and your mobile phone is not in power-saving mode.

2. My internet connectivity is working fine, but I am still not getting app notifications, what is the issue?

Please verify that notifications are ON for Neighbium. You can review the settings for your device below:

Android: Go to Settings > Apps > “Neighbium”. Confirm that no notifications are blocked.

IOS: Go to Settings > ” Neighbium“. Confirm that no notifications are blocked.


Troubleshooting For Devices

Some of the models of the mobile phone have the default settings where app notifications are disabled due to reasons like Battery utilization, App priorities, etc. We have identified some of the remedial steps to enable the notifications.

Select your mobile phones from the below listing.



App notifications require an active Internet or data connection to a broadband (3G, 4G, or LTE) network, or a WiFi network. Many corporate WiFi networks impose restrictions or proxy servers that can interfere with your device’s connection to the Internet.

If you still face the issue after the above settings, please write to us at



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